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Alleged Zimmerman shooter charged anew with disorderly conduct

WINTER SPRINGS, Fla. -- Prosecutors in Florida are asking a judge to revoke bond for the man suspected of shooting at George Zimmerman in May after the suspect allegedly urinated on a neighbor's porch, reports CBS affiliate WKMG.

"Please call 911, I just shot George Zimmerman!"

The suspect, Matthew Apperson, is facing a misdemeanor disorderly conduct in the latest incident.

Following the new charge, the State's Attorney's Office has asked a judge to revoke Apperson's bond on the attempted murder charge in the May 11 incident with Zimmerman, who was acquitted of murder in the Sanford, Fla. shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. Apperson is accused of firing a gun into the former neighborhood watch volunteer's car during a traffic run-in in Lake Mary, apparently a part of an on-going feud.

A lawyer for Zimmerman, Don West, has said that Zimmerman was not struck by a bullet but was sprayed with glass from his vehicle's windshield and other debris.

A witness to the latest incident, Tony Woods, told WKMG he was working in Apperson's Winter Springs neighborhood several weeks ago when he saw Apperson mumbling to himself and swearing.

He said Apperson yelled at him and then urinated on the front door and porch of his neighbor's home.

The neighbor is also apparently involved in a dispute with Apperson - she told WKMG in May that Apperson has "called me names and insulted me."

Prosecutors now argue Apperson shouldn't be out on bond after committing a criminal act ahead of his attempted murder trial, reports the station.

A lawyer for Apperson, Michael Lafay, didn't immediately return calls and emails from the station for comment.

West, Zimmerman's attorney, told the station he hopes the judge, Debra Nelson, will consider whether Apperson should be out on the streets. She is scheduled to rule on the bond motion July 31.

Prosecutors contend Apperson had a fixation on Zimmerman, and a Lake Mary police report alleges that Apperson has mental health issues. Apperson has maintained he fired because Zimmerman pointed a gun at him as they were driving.

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