Alleged thief swallows diamond ring after bungled robbery

MANCHESTER, N.H. A ring thief reportedly swallowed the evidence after he was nabbed by jewelry store staff.

Ronald Perley, 52, is accused of stealing a $3,200 diamond ring and making a run for the door at Bellman's Jewelers in Manchester, NH, Thursday evening.

Staff members reportedly locked him inside the store. When workers demanded he give the ring back, he allegedly shoved his hand in his mouth and swallowed something, CBS Boston reported.

Police say Perley denied taking anything, and the missing ring was not immediately found in his possession.

Police obtained a search warrant and Perley was taken to hospital for x-rays. The x-rays confirmed Perley had swallowed a ring matching the description of the stolen item, police said.

Perley was arrested and charged with felony theft and falsifying physical evidence. He is being held in jail following his arraignment on Monday.

Manchester Police spokesperson Lt. Maureen Tessier said police would now wait.

"At some point that piece of evidence will have to vacate his body; at which point, we'll seize it," she said.