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Alleged police brutality caught on tape in SoCal

LONG BEACH, Calif. An excessive force investigation was under way Wednesday after a confrontation between Long Beach police officers and a man was caught on tape, CBS Los Angeles reports.

The incident occurred Monday evening at the intersection of Locust Avenue and South Street, the Long Beach Police Department said.

The video, which has been posted on YouTube, shows several officers surrounding a suspect who was on the ground.

At least one officer was seen using his baton to strike the suspect while another used a Taser on him.

Prior to the alleged beating, security camera footage shows the suspect fighting another man and refusing to comply with officers' demands.

"During this time when he kicked one of the officers, he kicked the baton out of their hand. When they went to try and go grab a hold of him again, he again kicked one of the officers in the head," Sgt. Aaron Eaton said. "Eventually, at some point, the officers were able to grab a hold of him and try to get him to roll over. He was still refusing commands."

Police say the suspect was under the influence of alcohol and may have been on meth.

None of the officers involved in the incident have been placed on leave.

Authorities are encouraging additional witnesses to come forward to help with their investigation.

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