Alleged nightmare neighbor arrested in Miami

Mitchell Igelko
Mitchell Igelko

(CBS News) For the last 18 months, a Miami neighborhood's residents claim they've endured some very un-neighborly conduct, including rock-throwing, chemical spraying and shouting over a megaphone.

Now surveillance video has led to an arrest.

Mitchell Igelko's Miami neighbors believed the only way to catch him was to catch him on tape.

Resident Francisco Torres said, "He started throwing eggs into my garage, he started throwing rocks at my garage door - completely dent - then he start(ed) to throw nails."

Torres says the problems started about a year-and-a-half ago -- and not just for him.

Torres said, "So I was getting flat tire - not only myself, but everyone in my neighborhood was getting flat tire(s)."

So Torres set up a surveillance system - and he saw small, shiny objects being thrown into his driveway and the street around his house. He still has the bags full of nails. Other angles, he told CBS News, captured Igelko, the neighbor from across the street who owns a landscape business, and who Torres suspects also scorched his lawn.

Torres said, "Then I saw a red nozzle with the jet stream of liquid getting out of the window."

He says it came from one of the landscaper's trucks - Miami-Dade Police arrested Igelko for harassing neighbors and causing substantial emotional distress, but his attorney says Igelko himself is a victim. Igelko's attorney Daniel Espinosa said, "There's eggs that have been thrown - there's tires that have been punctured."

But while neighbors say they've got all the evidence they need on video, there's one thing the cameras cannot answer -- what started this neighborhood fight in the first place.

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