Alleged heroin dealer charged in death of Colo. man who OD'd

Kaile Wilson
CBS Denver
(CBS) EAGLE COUNTY, Colo. - A deadly batch of heroin is said to be spreading through some Colorado mountain communities, and one prosecutor is charging alleged drug dealer with one man's death to put a stop to the overdoses, CBS Denver reported.

5th Judicial District Attorney Bruce Brown said that on Feb. 13 a dangerous form of morphine-based heroin killed Matt Williamson, in Avon.

"This is a situation where it appears somebody distributed heroin to Mr. Williamson, he died as a result of that direct distribution. There's no reason why we shouldn't hold the distributor liable for his death," Brown told CBS Denver.

After searching Facebook and cellphone records, investigators said they traced the heroin deal back to Kaile Wilson, 24. She's been charged with distributing a controlled substance, reckless death, and criminally negligent homicide.

It's a rare set of charges for a drug dealer.

"What caught my attention was the fact that although I'm new on the job, I was hearing with a ridiculous frequency that there had been overdoses of heroin. So I viewed it as something we can act upon," Brown said.

Brown took over the 5th Judicial District, which covers four high country counties along the Interstate 70 corridor, two months ago. He says in this case, the drug is just like a weapon.

"You don't intend the outcome, but you engage in such dangerous, lethal behavior that the law holds you responsible for the outcome," Brown said. "Although we don't see these types of prosecutions frequently, they certainly come within the wheelhouse of what we do every single day."

According to CBS Denver, the accused, Wilson will be in court next Tuesday for arraignment. She bonded out of the Eagle County Jail.