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All That Glitters At VH1/<i>Vogue</i>

Amid a swirl of glamour and glitter on Sunday night, VH1 and Vogue magazine teamed up to present fashion awards in New York.

CBS News Early Show contributor Laurie Hibberd reports that at the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards, it wasn't the awards show that people were thinking about - it was all about making a fashion statement.

Halle Berry made a spectacular impression in a burgundy gown, with a full skirt.

Understated Heather Graham showed she is not a slave to fashion.

Heather Graham, who won the award for Best Celebrity Style/Female, wore an understated denim jacket over a Dolce & Gabbana red corset top and beige lace pants. Graham said that she has only recently taken an interest in fashion.

"I really was like, the worst dresser in the world as a high school person. In my early 20s, bad," said The Spy Who Shagged Me actress.

Jennifer Lopez performing at the awards ceremony

Jennifer Lopez, who won for Most Fashionable Female Artist, made a splash in her gold Gucci dress with a so-called neckline that plunged down to her midriff.

Since style is such hard work, each presenter got a lavish gift basket. It includes a handbag from Tanner-Krolle, a passport for a day of beauty at Helena Rubenstein and a cashmere scarf from Thomas Pink.

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And to top all that, they got a 4.4 carat Roberto coin diamond line bracelet, $5,700 bucks. Each basket is worth $8,060. Sandra Bullock, Minnie Driver and Julianna Margulies were among the lucky presenters.
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