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All that and Kate can cook, too!

Among the stops on the schedule Saturday for Prince William and his new wife, Catherine, as they continue their tour of Canada in their first official trip abroad as a married couple is - a cooking school.

"The plan for the trip," CBS News Royal Contributor Victoria Arbiter told "Early Show on Saturday Morning" co-anchor Russ Mitchell, "was always to incorporate the serious with the fun. And this is where the fun is really going to get started.

"Kate is known to be, actually, a very good cook. Yes, she's a duchess. Yes, she's the wife of the future king of England. But she really enjoys the domestic side of their life together, as well.

"They're very keen to have this private, normal life. They've said 'no' to servants. Kate was spotted at a supermarket not too long ago buying liver for William's dinner. So really, they do get to be very normal. The plan is for them to roll up their sleeves, (be with) the students, and learn a few new dishes."

So add accomplished culinary person to Kate's list of good points.

Another: her sense of style.

"Kate's getting rave reviews for her outfits," Mitchell pointed out.

"Kate is definitely picking out all her fashion items, but she's getting some masterful advice," Arbiter noted. " She's following in the footsteps of the queen, who tends to dress in accordance with the country's colors, or she pays homage to the people she's visiting.

"And these have all been very subtle nods. The fact that Kate arrived and stepped off the plane (upon arriving in Canada in an outfit from) a designer who's hugely fashionable from Canada but based in London -- brilliant. Yesterday, she had the (Canadian symbol) maple leaf on her fascinator. (Even) William had a tiny Canadian pin on his lapel. And Kate was wearing a broach that was on loan from the queen. It was a maple leaf the queen wore when she was Princess Elizabeth back in 1951 on her very first trip to Canada. So, she's getting some good advice and pulling it off well."

And handling the attention, Arbiter observed, "Brilliantly. The camera is on her all the time. So, if there's a moment where she's yawning or she looks bored or sleepy, that picture would be analyzed and sent off around the world. I think she's very much enjoying this. They were starting to wilt a little bit in the 90 degree heat yesterday. It was a very long day. Factor in the jet lag, as well: They've not had much time to rest. I think she's holding up brilliantly."

The royal newlyweds have, reports the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Rosemary Barton, been getting a "spectacular" reception wherever they go. "We are used to royal visits, but this has become almost a celebrity visit, if you will.

"You (Mitchell) said there is a royal mania. It's really more about Kate mania, at this stage. It's really people's first chance to see the duchess out on a royal tour. This is their first royal tour a married couple, to see them perform and get out there in the crowds.

"There have been tens of thousands yesterday for Canada Day, our nation's birthday, there were 300,000 people gathered on Parliament Hill. That may not sound like a lot, but there's not a lot of space up there, so people were really crammed in to get a good chance to see the duke and duchess.

"And they have really performed, as well. They are throwing themselves into the crowds, wanting to touch everyone's hands, wanting to say a word to everyone, they're eating it up as well."

But Barton cautioned that the reception "may not be as warm" in the royals' next destination: Quebec which, she says, "has a different attitude toward the monarchy, and so there may be some minor protests there."

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