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All Jazzed Up

In the beginning, cyberspace was a silent, uninviting place. The blue-gray glow of the monitor flickered as screen after silent screen of text scrolled by with only the occasional small picture to break the monotony.

No longer.

Today the World Wide Web crackles and pops with animations, videos, sounds, and more multimedia content than you can shake a browser at. The multimedi-fication of the Web is in full swing, leaving behind the cold, gray world of cyberspace for a future that's as bright and loud and in-your-face as your favorite animated movie. Radio on demand, no-wait streaming animations and videos, and much more await in the colorful, sound-filled, multimedi-fied, and thoroughly modern World Wide Web.

So, join Family PC's Interactive Tutorial on Jazzing Up Your Browser or drop in on our special sections on audio, video, animation, and interactivity below.

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