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All In A News Day's Work

By now, we've gone behind the scenes enough to offer a look at the ins and outs of just about the entire news day. So here's an inside look at what goes on throughout the day to create an evening newscast ... starring Jim Murphy (as himself).

You can start by checking out the video of "the 10:30" editorial meeting, where executives and producers make major decisions about news coverage for that day and in the future:

Next comes the mid-day "Evening News" lineup meeting, where the decisions are made – insofar as news dictates by then – which stories will make it to the broadcast and where they will appear:

We've also given you a look at how one White House story about one of the President's speeches developed throughout the day.

At 6:30 pm, the final product goes on the air. And we've taken you inside the control room of the "Evening News" during a live broadcast, where we got a close look at Executive Producer Jim Murphy and director Eric Shapiro as they called the shots:

So, if you haven't already, take a look at some of what we've done. And let us know what you think – and where else you'd like us to go...