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"All-Access" To New Zealand's Outdoors

Dave Price and Doni Hardy proved just that, hardy, as they took in, and took part in, the scenic splendor of New Zealand on this go-rounds final "All-Access" weekend adventure.

Dave picked Hardy, a 47-year-old mother of five from Albuquerque, N.M., out of a crowd Friday at the Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum.

Dave flew from New York to Albuquerque, then to Los Angeles (with Hardy!) and New Zealand.

He was in Auckland when he reported back on Wednesday to Early Show viewers about their whirlwind weekend.

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When they return, they'll have logged 19,406 miles for a grand All-Access total in this latest (six-week) bunch of trips of 91,883miles!

Dave's highlight reel made it clear it was well worth their effort to go halfway around the world to visit Queenstown and Auckland.

Not only did they gaze upon one natural scenic wonder after another, from mountains to waterways and waterfalls, they enjoyed, or at least took part in, repelling, mountain and cliff climbing, and bungee jumping, among other activities.

They also had a helicopter ride, limo ride, and first-class travel, hotel and food.

Oh, and they got a lift from a $60 million America's club yacht!

To see Dave's report,


The trip was arranged with the help of Tourism New Zealand. Dave and Doni flew back and forth in the lap of luxury on Air New Zealand. And they stayed in The Spire Hotel while in Queenstown.

You can still win an amazing "All-Access Pass" weekend by playing at home. On Wednesday, we'll ask a question about Dave and Doni's "All-Access" adventure. Every correct answer gives you a chance at the ultimate "All-Access" weekend — a trip for two to the Tony Awards, to be broadcast live on CBS on June 10, 2007.

The question on Wednesday, March 28, was:
What boat did Dave and Doni ride on in New Zealand?
a) The Love Boat
b) America's Cup
c) The QEII

Click here for details and to enter.

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