Truck found, but no sign of missing college student in California

Alycia Yeoman

CBS Sacramento

LIVE OAK, Calif. — The truck a Yuba College student was driving before she went missing has been found, but there is no sign of Alycia Yeoman.

CBS Sacramento reports Gridley Police investigators are going through the truck searching for evidence.

The community of 7,000 people is desperate to find the 20-year-old, who was last seen four days ago when she was leaving the home of a male friend on Romero Street in Yuba City in her 1998 Green Toyota Tacoma truck.

That truck was found on Monday night in an orchard, but not Yeoman.

“No one has heard from her, and I get a call and no one has heard from her,” said her friend Christa Mills. “It’s just really worrying and it’s not like Aly at all.”

Her friends and family, along with volunteers, are searching the empty field in Yuba City. That area east of Oro Ranch Road is where her cellphone was last pinged, meaning the last time it transmitted a signal.

Yeoman worked two jobs at Starbucks and McDonald’s, and when she didn’t show up to work, her co-workers say it wasn’t like the responsible woman they know.