Alfredo Borodowski Update: N.Y. rabbi arrested on second police impersonation charge, police say

Alfredo Borodowski
CBS New York
Alfredo Borodowski
CBS New York

(CBS/AP) WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.  - A rabbi was charged Wednesday - for the second time - with impersonating a police officer during an angry confrontation on a suburban road in May.

In both cases, motorists said the rabbi flashed a badge and seemed to be angry that they weren't driving faster.

Rabbi Alfredo Borodowski, accompanied by his lawyer, surrendered at police headquarters in White Plains, Detective Lt. Eric Fisher said.

There was no immediate arraignment. The rabbi has a court date Thursday in Mamaroneck, just north of New York City, on his first arrest, which came in June.

The lawyer said Borodowski suffers from bipolar disorder and recently was hospitalized.

In the Mamaroneck case, the rabbi who grew up in Argentina, is accused of pulling his car alongside a woman's car, flashing a badge and shouting: "Police! Police! Pull over!"

The woman's lawyer said Borodowski "just laid on the horn and started screaming at her" as she obeyed a 20-mph limit in a school zone.

Police said the rabbi told them, "That girl was driving too slow, and I hate when people do this." However, he denied posing as a police officer.

In the White Plains case, which happened in May but came to light after the Mamaroneck arrest, motorist Peter Moses said Borodowski tailgated him, "obviously trying to make me go faster" than the 40-mph limit. When the rabbi pulled alongside, "He's shouting, `I'm a police officer. Pull over!"' Moses said.

State police are now investigating a third complaint, from Yonkers.

Borodowski has been fired from a position at prestigious Temple Emanu-El in Manhattan. However, he is still listed as the leader of a congregation in Larchmont.

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