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Alexander Kinyua, accused Md. cannibal, was on bail for another assault prior to his arrest, reports say

Alexander Kinyua is charged with first-degree murder after police found human body parts in his home Hartford County Sheriff's Office

(CBS) JOPPATOWNE, Md. - Days before Alexander Kinyua admitted to cutting up Kujoe Agyei-Kodie with a knife and eating some of his body parts, Kinyua was released on bond for another assault against a student, CBS Baltimore reports.

Both Kinyua, 21, and Agyei-Kodie, 37, were students at Morgan State University. Kinyua was in the process of being expelled after he reportedly attacked another student with a baseball bat in the dorms on May 19. According to CBS Baltimore, the student was blinded in the left eye and suffered fractures in the skull, arm and shoulder.

Kinyua was out on bond when he was arrested for Agyei-Kodie's murder Wednesday. Agyei-Kodie was a graduate student at Morgan State and held several master's degrees. He reportedly lived in the house with the Kinyua family for six weeks until his disappearance on May 25.

Police executed a search warrant on Wednesday morning after a call from the Kinyua family in which the brother said he found two metal tins containing a head and two hands in the laundry room of the house. During their search, police reportedly retrieved the head and hands. They also found more body parts inside a dumpster a few blocks away.

When they interviewed the suspect, police said Kinyua admitted to cutting up the victim with a knife and cannibalizing the heart and portions of the brain. Although the body parts had yet to be identified by the chief medical examiner, authorities believe they belong to Agyei-Kodie, said sheriff's spokeswoman Monica Worrell.

Friends told CBS Baltimore that Kinyua had a drastic personality change after he was kicked out of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps program in January for disciplinary reasons. According to published reports, he posted online statements about cults, ethnic cleansing and school shootings. The FBI is helping in the investigation.

Detectives said the suspect has shown no remorse for the attack. They said that while he is cooperative and has confessed, he would not reveal why he did it. Police have also not ruled out the possibility of more arrests.

Kinyua's parents were trying to raise funds for his defense in the assault case, holding a fundraiser at a community church in Northeast Baltimore.

In court on Thursday, Kinyua was represented by a public defender. A judge denied him bail and charged Kinyua with first-degree murder.

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