Alex von Furstenberg, Reggie Miller Trade Restraining Orders over Ali Kay Sexting

Photo: Ali Kay.

NEW YORK (CBS) Reggie Miller is six-foot-seven, but that has not stopped the NBA legend from "fearing for his safety" in the presence of wealthy New York business scion Alex von Furstenberg.

The ex-Indiana Pacer has taken out a restraining order against the millionaire.

Miller had allegedly been in a sexting tit for tat with von Furstenberg's 25-year-old fiancé, Ali Kay, earlier this year, trying to "steal her" from the relationship, according to the New York Post. Both sides have claimed the other was the pursuer.

Alex von Furstenberg

The paper says Von Furstenberg retaliated by trying to fight the player in person and run his car off the road this fall.

According to the New York Post, Miller alleges he "suffered 'fear and distress' when von Furstenberg confronted him Oct. 17 as he sat in his car outside a café in Malibu, Calif., yelling, "I will beat you down."

The paper says Miller claims he drove off after von Furstenberg challenged him to fight, but von Furstenberg chased after him and manueverd his car so that he could be "hanging out of the window in a threatening manner."

Photo: Reggie Miller.

Though Kay and von Furstenberg are still together, von Furstenberg has been convinced for some time that Miller is trying to steal his fiancée, the Post reports.

Von Furstenberg reportedly hired a plane to fly over Malibu California a couple of months ago, towing a banner that read "Reggie Miller stop pursuing married women."

Von Furstenberg is the son of fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg and the stepson of media mogul Barry Diller.

It's been reportedthat Miller was not the only one sending the messages and that Kay was a willing participant in the dalliances.

The texts are believed to have been the extent of the relationship between Miller and Kay.