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Alex Barton, Boy Voted out of Florida Class, Gets $350k Settlement

Alex Barton, Boy Voted out of Florida Class, Gets $350k Settlement
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MIAMI (CBS/AP) The mother of a Alex Barton, a Florida boy who was kicked out of his kindergarten class after the teacher held a vote among fellow students about his disruptive behavior, has reached a $350,000 settlement with St. Lucie County education officials.

According to local station WPBF, Alex has been diagnosed with Aspberger's syndrome, a disorder on the autism spectrum.

Federal court documents show the county school board and teachers union agreed to pay the settlement to Melissa Barton and her son.

The Stuart News reported Wednesday that the settlement was reached on Nov. 24 in Miami. A review by a third party designated to consider the best interests of the child is required before the agreement can be finalized in court.

Barton and education officials declined to comment.

Melissa Barton said in 2008 that Morningside Elementary teacher Wendy Portillo had her son's classmates say what they didn't like about 5-year-old Alex, according to CBS affiliate WFOR.

She says the teacher then had the students vote, and voted Alex out of the class by a 14-2 margin.

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