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Albright Broaches Brooches

The art of negotiation is subtle. In diplomatic circles, it is well known that Secretary of State Madeleine Albright sometimes wears jewelry to send a message.

Now there is a tribute to her sense of style. CBS News Correspondent Maggie Cooper reports.

Known around the world for her hard-nosed negotiations, Albright seems an unlikely muse for artistic inspiration.

"Arms Control."
"I’m a little bit surprised. I didn't realize there was this side to her," said museum patron Mary Grace Butler.

But a special exhibit at the American Craft Museum in New York City pays tribute to the secretary's ability to broach diplomatic relations with style.

"She recognizes that everything about her appearance is taken into consideration when she represents the United States," said Holly Hotchner, director of the museum.

"Lady Liberty."
Albright's penchant for pins often reflects her mood.

"I had been called 'a snake' by the Iraqis. And Tariq Aziz came in to see me, so I wore my snake pin," revealed Albright.

Seventy-one artists from 16 countries were invited to design brooches reflecting their view of the secretary's world mission, like the one called, "Arms Agreement."
"It's a fun and playful way to deal with people, in addition to all perhaps, more serious elements that are brought to bear," Hotchner said.

The "Lady Liberty" pin, featuring two clocks, might help keep her on schedule. When force is needed, the secretary could choose her pin called, "Punch."

"There's a lot of humor and wit and whimsy, so she appreciated that," said Hotchner.

At her next important international negotiation, world leaders may well pay as close attention to the secretary's fashion statement, as they will to her diplomatic ones.