Albert Pujols signs with the L.A. Angels

What does $250 million over 10 years get you? The services of Albert Pujols. In April 2011, producer Draggan Mihailovich talked about his profile of the now former St. Louis slugger.

Is Albert Pujols the best baseball player ever? Consider his stats over his first 10 years: he never hit less than .300, never had less than 30 homeruns, and never had fewer than 100 RBIs. No player in baseball's long history has ever achieved that in his first ten seasons. Yet much of the general public knows who Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, and Babe Ruth are, but they've never heard of Pujols. What gives?

In this Overtime Original first posted in April 2011, Overtime Editor Ann Silvio sits down with "60 Minutes" producer Draggan Mihailovich to go behind the scenes on the Pujols shoot and learn more about the low-profile power hitter.

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Some say Pujols' celebrity hasn't transcended the sport simply because he doesn't play in a major media market. But that didn't hold back LeBron James. Others think the best explanation for his low Q Score is that Pujols doesn't seek the spotlight. "Albert's focus is his faith, his family, and baseball," says Mihailovich. "But what really impressed me about Albert was what he didn't tell us."

Watch the Overtime video to hear what Mihailovich was able to learn about Pujols during the many months he followed the slugger.

What do you say? Best player ever?