Alba Anything But Invisible

Earlier this year, Jessica Alba lassoed her way through the critically acclaimed film, "Sin City". Now in one of this summer's promised blockbusters, she takes on the role of Sue Storm in the film adaptation of Marvel Comics longest-running series, "Fantastic Four."

"I like how they use the powers and made them so human," Alba tells The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith. "That's why I was attracted to this comic book because her abilities come from her emotions. It is not just, 'Oh, Yeah. She's a superhero and becomes invisible and does force fields.' When she's pushed up against the wall, she realizes she can do it by accident. It just feels more natural."

The four characters: The Human Torch (Chris Evans), The Thing (Michael Chiklis), The Invisible Girl (Jessica Alba), and Mr. Fantastic (Ioan Grufford) are sort of a dysfunctional superhero family.

"They look at their abilities as it's a defect, essentially," Alba explains. "They get hit with this cosmic storm. They were supposed to study the cosmic storm to cure diseases. It hit them and pulled apart their DNA and put them back together. They, all of a sudden, are superheroes. At first, she's like: 'I'm going invisible. What's this about?'"

But Alba is anything but invisible. Her photo has been on the cover of almost every magazine in America this year. Recalling her childhood, she says she has come a long way.