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Alabama students use racial slurs in viral video

A video that surfaced on social media shows white students using racial slurs and includes the voice of one person suggesting "sticking" black people in "concentration camps." Hoover City Schools, a public school system in Hoover, Alabama, said in a statement Monday that the video features its students and that school administrators are investigating the situation. 

Several people can be seen in the video, including one person holding a red cup. In the footage, one of them questions what the world would be like if the Holocaust didn't occur. Another says,"f**k n*****s, f**k Jews."  

"Jews are fine because they're white," says a female voice off-camera. "We just need n*****s gone. Mixed Oreos? What are you gonna do with them?" 

A male voice replies, "you stick them in concentration camps." The same female voice says, "no, you have to wait until they die off." 

It's unclear who first posted the video, which appeared on Facebook and Twitter and infuriated users and celebrities on the platforms.

Gordon Stewart, the owner of Hoover Toyota, said in a statement posted on the car dealership's Facebook page that one of the students in the video was his daughter. 

"We believe, that in the moment, she acted completely outside her character and certainly outside the morals and principles that we worked hard to instill in her throughout her lifetime," the statement said. 

"This experience has proven to be a crucial lesson in her maturity and she directly expresses her heartfelt apologies for her insensitivities," it added. reported that Hoover City Schools superintendent was sent the video on Sunday night. The school system issued a statement the next morning.

"We have been made aware of a recently posted video that features Hoover School System students who appear to be engaged in disturbing conduct," Hoover City Schools said in a statement on its website. "The activity apparently took place this past weekend at a private residence. Although it was not part of any school function, the conduct in question is in direct conflict with our school system's values and its mission." 

"Our school administrators are carefully investigating the situation in order to assess our options under the Code of Student Conduct," the statement said, adding the school board was "committed to maintaining and strengthening a school culture that encourages and embraces diversity, inclusiveness, and tolerance." 

Hoover Mayor Frank V. Brocato also decried the video. In a tweet, he said the city "condemns racism and hatred in every form and at any place or time."

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