Al Sahab Video Shows Suicide Attack on 'U.S. Base in Khost'

A video posted on militant Islamist Internet forums Saturday shows a suicide bomber vowing to fight "the enemies God" wherever they go before carrying out an attack on what the video claims is a U.S. military base in Khost in Afghanistan.

The 3:29 min video, which was released by al Qaeda's notorious media production wing al Sahab, features a bearded man identified as Abu Bakr al Hejazy talking about the militants having "one known target," which he says is to fight for Islam. Towards the end, a strong explosion is seen from afar.

The video is part of a series produced by al Sahab entitled "Hell of the Americans in the Lands of Khorasan (Afghanistan) – the Islamic Emirate." Jihadi chanting can be heard throughout the video and makes al Hejazy's low voice unintelligible in some parts. The suicide bomber assures before carrying out the attack that he has high spirit. "If I were to carry out an operation and return, I'd carry out another one. I urge the brothers to carry out operations." Al Hejazy also calls on the militants to continue the bombings and mentions "America" at one point.