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Al Qaeda Supporters Suspect Al Qaeda Behind Australia Fires

Members of Internet forums supportive of al Qaeda are wondering whether the terrorist organization may be behind the recent forest fires in Australia.

In a message entitled "Al Qaeda Behind Australia's Bushfires," a member of one forum who uses the name "Osama1" talked about the terrible devastation and loss of lives caused by the fires, which he hoped were the work of al Qaeda.

"Imagine if all this was the work of an al Qaeda raid against Australia who is taking part in the wars on Iraq and awesome would that be?"

He also urged Islamist militants around the world to "fight the enemy" through this new form of jihad. "O' mujahideen everywhere, why don't you fight the enemy with bushfires such as those ones? Fires which could kill hundreds of them, destroy thousands of their homes, and cause damage worth millions." He then specifically approached the leaders of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb with the following question: "Isn't France full of forests?"

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