Al Qaeda Says Former ISI Official Died in Afghanistan

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The chief "judge" of the al Qaeda affiliated Islamic State of Iraq has died in Afghanistan, according to two statement posted on militant Islamist Internet forums Sunday. Abu Suleiman al Eteibi was killed during clashes with Western forces in Paktia province in Afghanistan, according to the statements that were posted by the leader of al Qaeda in Afghinstan Moustafa Abu Al Yazid and Al Fajr Media Center.

Another man, Abu Dajana al Qahtani, also died in the clashes. He was the brother of al Qaeda operative Abu Nasser al Qahtani, who escaped Bagram prison in 2005, was recaptured by US forces before being handed over to the Saudi authorities in May 2007.

Al Eteibi traveled to Afghanistan six months ago and "after being relieved of his post" as judge of the Islamic State of Iraq, explains Al Fajr Media Center's statement. "Our commanders and sheikhs are always fighting in the first line of battle, presenting an example for the Muslim nation," adds the statement.

Al Eteibi's prominence in al Qaeda's ranks is indicated through his previous post, as well as the fact that the group's leader in Afghanistan wrote the obituary himself. Three rows of banners dedicated to announcing the release of the two statements were also posted on the homepages of prominent jihadi Internet forums.