Al Qaeda RecruitingTapes

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Not all the material obtained by CBS News was meant to remain secret. As CBS News Correspondent Tom Fenton reports, among the items uncovered in Afghanistan is a CD containing a slick production targeting the English-speaking world.

The subtitles say this is footage of training taking place at al Farooq camp, a place that drew at least one American recruit -- John Walker Lindh trained here.

The video makes clear who the target is, with Osama bin Laden saying, "They are awaiting that you annihilate America and the Jews."

Another CD contains previously unseen footage of the Taliban destroying giant Buddhist statues. Clearly, the intention here was to boast about this act of cultural vandalism, but for reasons we can only guess at, these images were never released.

The most controversial tapes, which confirm that bin Laden's men were experimenting with chemical weapons, were most likely never intended for release.

However, the material on the tapes comes as no surprise to al Qaeda enemies here in Afghanistan.

Amarullah Salih, the Afghan National Director of Security says, "We were 100 percent sure that they were trying to develop means of killing people with chemicals and biological substances."

Still, for the Americans and the other foreign troops based in Afghanistan the major threat remains to be the more conventional weapons.

All the foreign soldiers who patrol the streets of Kabul providing security have been given training for nuclear, biological and chemical attacks. That's a routine precaution.

There are two special response teams on standby in the Kabul area, but as of today the threat level for an attack of any kind here is officially classified as low.