Al Qaeda Commemorates Imam Ghazi In New Video

Al Qaedaʼs latest propaganda video, released by the terror organizationʼs mouthpiece al Sahab Friday, commemorates Imam Ghazi Abdul Rashid who was killed by the Pakistani army during the Islamabad Red Mosque siege last year.

The one-hour video urges the Pakistani youths to support the militants. Pakistan has recently faced a surge in Islamist militancy, especially after the recent U.S. air raids deep into Pakistan ʼs territories.

Senior alQaeeda leaders, including Osama Bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri are believed to depend on the support of tribal figures in Waziristan for their safety. The release seems to be an attempt to strengthen the ties between al Qaeeda and the tribal chiefs.

The new tape is in Urdu with Arabic subtitles. The date of the release is unknown but it included stills of the Pakistani Prime Minister Gilani with George Bush at the White House during a visit in September.