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Al Qaeda Chief in Yemen Urges Arab Armies To Turn Against Their Rulers

(Al Weheishy)
In a new audio tape obtained by CBS News, the leader of al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula slammed Arab rulers and urged members of Arab armed forces to turn their weapons against their regimes and not against their own people.

"Why did you not harm the Jews and instead harmed your own people?" Abu Bassir Bin Nasser al Weheishy said. "The worst sins you commit is allowing the Christians' warships to sail through your waters with the blessing of your rulers, to go and kill Muslims in Gaza and Baghdad," he added.
In the 20-minute audio statement, al Weheishy accused Arab leaders of siding with "the Crusaders," who he says have now surrounded the Arab Peninsula from the sea.

He also addressed Yemeni tribes, warning them against "a plot" by Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh's forces aimed at having them leave off their weapons in order for "the traitor agents and their Crusader allies to be able to humiliate them."

"Prepare yourselves with anti-tank devices, and suicide belts, with sniper rifles, well-laid ambushes, and daring assaults," al Weheishy told militants throughout the whole region, especially those in the cities.
Al Weheishy ended his message with an appeal to the people of the Gulf countries to support Islamist militants in Yemen.

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