Al Libi Prays for Failure of "Bush and His Party" In New Video

(al Sahab)

Senior al Qaeda leader Abu Yehya al Libi (the Libyan) released a new video tape, in which he appears giving a sermon to about 30 militants and praying for the failure of "Bush and his party."

The tape, which was released by al Qaeda's media wing al Sahab, shows al Libi as he arrives with two of his guards at a gathering place in the middle of the mountains. He hands his Kalashnikov to one of the men before he starts giving his 45-minute sermon. Two cameras are seen shooting the event.

The main topic of his speech, which was given on the occasion of the Muslim feast marking the end of Ramadan in early October, was the virtues of fighting the "jihad."

Al Libi concludes the sermon by making supplications to God to "pour his torments onto America and its allies...make disasters rage upon them from every direction...and fail Bush and his party," while his audience replied "Amen."