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Al Libi Issues 'Fatwa' Calling on Pakistanis To Overthrow The Regime

Senior al Qaeda leader Abu Yehya al Libi released a new study about the political developments in Pakistan over the past decade. Al Libi concluded that the Pakistani had become part of what he called "the infidel coalition." "Its army, intelligence and police now constitute the tip of the spear taking part in tearing our Muslim nation apart," he wrote.

Al Libi thus decreed that it has become a duty on Muslims in Pakistan to fight against the Pakistani forces and work on overthrowing the government and replacing it with a religious authority that establishes the rule of Islam.

Al Libi said removing the current government was a religious duty and argued that it would not be possible except through fighting the army and the intelligence services.

The 30-page study was released by Al Fajr Media and is entitled "The Sharpened Sword To Fight Against The Government and Army of Pakistan."

Al Libi had issued an appeal to a group of prominent Muslim scholars to issue religious edicts legitimizing "jihad" in Muslim countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Eastern Turkistan in a videotape released by As Sahab Media on April 21st.