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Aiyana Jones Update: Police Vet. Joseph Weekley Named as Girl's Shooter

Aiyana Jones (Personal Photo)

DETROIT (CBS/AP) As the lawyer for Aiyana Jones' family tells Crimesider police are trying to cover up the 7-year-old's killing, Detroit police are now naming the 14-year-veteran who accidentally shot her.

PICTURES: Aiyana Jones, 7, Killed by Cop

Joseph Weekley, a Special Response Team member, is at the center of the storm.

Police spokesman John Roach confirmed Weekley's name Wednesday in an e-mail to The Associated Press.

Weekley was part of a police team that raided the Detroit duplex where Jones lived. They were searching for a murder suspect, but had the wrong apartment.

Aiyana was on a downstairs living room sofa sleeping when police lobbed a flash-bang grenade through the window.

Assistant Chief Ralph Godbee said that Weekley's gun discharged after he was jostled by, or collided with, the girl's grandmother inside the house.

The girl's family on Tuesday announced two lawsuits claiming officers violated Aiyana's constitutional rights. The family's lawyer, Geoffrey Fieger, says the child was shot in the neck and within seconds police carried out a little body that "looked like a ragdoll."

Fieger claims he has seen a video of police raiding the house on Sunday morning. He told CBS News' Crimesider, "What I'm most concerned about is that this videotape demonstrates that police are involved in a cover-up of a child's killing."

Weekley is on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation into the May 16 incident. The suspect police were initially looking for, Chauncey Owens, was later apprehended and charged.

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