Aircraft carrier morphing into basketball arena

In San Diego, workers have turned the flight deck of the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier -- the one that took Osama bin Laden's body to his burial at sea -- into a basketball arena for a special game Friday night -- Veterans Day.

Two of college basketball's top teams -- No. 1 University of North Carolina (UNC) and Michigan State -- will play on the top deck of the vessel with 7,000 people -- nearly all active military -- cheering on.

The game is a rematch of the 2009 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Championship game, which UNC won.

Ship Serviceman Jason Petty told CBS News he is especially excited for the night's event. He gets to watch his wife's cousin, Michigan State star Draymond Green, play on his ship. Then, Petty, after 18 years in the Navy, will re-enlist in front of President Obama.

Petty told CBS News, "My biggest wish or hope would be to see the president. (He and others) are our inspiration. These are the people who lead us where we need to go and that is to victory."

To watch Whitaker's full report on the game, click on the video above.