Air Force sgt. just back from Iraq wins lottery

To say Tim Ruch is on a hot streak is putting it mildly.

The U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. returned recently from Iraq - unharmed, reports CBS News Correspondent Whit Johnson.

And Michelle Obama happened to be there when he attended a Washington Nationals - Chicago Cubs baseball game he attended. It was a special night.

"I didn't know it was Military Appreciation Night until we got there," he admits.

The night became more special when he put down $20 for a Golden Boy scratch-off lottery card after the game - and won - a million dollars.

"Unbelievable!" exclaims his wife of three years, Emily. "I tried not to believe him, because you don't want to believe it and then be let down," she says.

"And," Tim recalls, "My dad said, 'That's great. Can I go back to bed now?"'

All this -- as Tim and Emily were in the process of buying a house. Barely.

"A month ago, we were worried about just being able to afford a fence and painting," Tim says.

But now, they've put more money down, reduced their monthly payments - and are saving what's left.

Says Tim, "It's in the bank. I can't touch it. And I've also started a college fund for my nieces and nephews and for children we don't even have yet. So, hopefully, it will blossom into something bigger."

Except for one expense - a new watch for him for a mere $5000, from Tiffany's.

But that, they say, is where the buck stops.

Tim remains on active duty at Andrews Air Force Base, with no plans to quit.

"I'm not going to drive though the gates of the base in a Ferrari or anything," Tim says. "I'm not gonna be any different. The military has giving me a great life. I've been able to see the world and meet my wife through the military, so I'd rather stay that way."

A humble wish for one very lucky man.