Ah, Those Texas Cheerleaders

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This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchorHarry Smith.
I noticed over the weekend that the Texas state senate doesn't seem keen on the helping the house pass its high school cheerleading bill. You remember, a couple of weeks ago Texas lawmakers decided it was time to forbid sexy cheers.

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I saw a funny cartoon with cheerleaders dressed in bhurkas after that.

Texas has an interesting cheerleading history.

Who ever thought up the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders was pretty clever. Attractive grown up women dressed in costumes revealing enough to be sexy but cute enough to be claimed as innocent. Brilliant.

And remember the story about the Texas mom who plotted to kill another mom because the daughter was a threat at the upcoming cheerleader tryouts. Yea, it was a made for TV movie with Holly Hunter.

Have you ever seen cheerleading competition on TV? It seems they are less likely to be arrested for lewd behavior than sued because somebody dropped Bobby Sue and broke her arm.

The funniest thing I read in all of this was the story about the Texas mom who volunteered to pass out ACLU flyers so the cheerleaders would know there was someone to protect their right to free speech.

Perhaps the founding fathers envisioned all this. Friday night lights in the Texas autumn. Packed stands and proud parents. And cheerleaders -- free to scream -- and shake their pom-poms.

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By Harry Smith