Aguilera: Less 'Dirrty,' More Demure

(L) Christina Aguilera performs at 2002 MTV European Music Awards at Palau Sant Jordi Barcelona, Spain, (R)Christina Aguilera performs on stage to promote her forthcoming album ''Back To Basics''
Getty Images/Dave Hogan
Much to the dismay of many of her male fans, marriage seems to have changed Christina Aguilera's fashion taste.

The former "Dirrty" girl, who married music exec Jordan Bratman late last year, is wearing noticeably more modest costumes these days.

The 25-year-old star admits in a new interview with Newsweek that her new jazz and blues inspired album, "Back to Basics," is less sexually charged.

"The sexuality coming forward on this record is more softened," she says in the issue, on newsstands today. "It's more pin-up, tongue-in-cheek. It's playful. People take sex far too seriously."

Aguilera says she was proud of the sexier, more controversial, image from her 2002 album, "Stripped." In the video for her hit song "Dirrty," a then-single Aguilera wore a leaving-nothing-to-the-imagination miniskirt with a bikini top and danced salaciously while occasionally grabbing her crotch.

"And you know what I love about that record?" she says. "Everybody had an opinion. If you liked it, you wanted to root for me — 'Look, she's empowered.' If not, well, you'd stick all those labels on me."

Aguilera, who celebrates her first wedding anniversary on November 19, also nixed longstanding rumors of a feud with Britney Spears (another married pop star who has been covering her midriff a lot more in recent years).

"We were like best friends," she says. "But the media saw a navel and blond hair and had to create some drama."

Aguilera's new album "Back To Basics" will be released on August 15.

By Amy Bonawitz