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Age Erasers For Men

"Men's Health" magazine's latest book, "Age Erasers for Men," has advice on how guys can look, feel and stay younger, longer.

Men's Health senior editor, Matt Bean, stopped by "The Early Show" to share some tips.

One thing Bean brought along was the "Frisky Frost" - or the "sex shake."

The shake, consisting of skim milk, strawberries and bananas, also contains some active ingredients to spice things up: zinc sulfate (to boost circulation), ginger root (good for the cardio-vascular system), ginger tincture, selenium (relaxes muscles) and choline bitartrate. Bean said these ingredients are available at GNC stores.

Bean also had some breakfast tips: pomegranate juice, honey, oatmeal and blueberries.

Another sign of aging are wrinkles. A moisturizer Bean recommend is "Action" by Anthony for Men; for hair loss, recommended Rogaine, Propecia and thickening shampoo from L'Oreal.

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Watch the complete interview with Matt Bean below:

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