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After story about freshman's terrible first day of school goes viral, upperclassmen befriend him at lunch

Upperclassmen befriend bullied freshman
Upperclassmen befriend bullied freshman 01:03

The first day of high school can be tough for many kids, but for Caleb Wrenn, it seemed particularly rough. The 14-year-old texted his big sister on the first day at Reidsville Senior High about all the things that had gone wrong.

"I sat alone at lunch and got lost three times," he told his sister Leal Edwards, who is in college. Wrenn said no one would be his friend because he's short.

Edwards posted a screenshot of the text, along with a photo of her little brother, on Twitter. "Retweet to let my baby brother know that he is cool before I have to pull up to RHS," she wrote. 

Little did she know, the post about her little brother would go viral, and Wrenn's problem would be solved. 

The next day, the tweet had been re-shared thousands of times, and a senior student at the North Carolina school replied to Edwards. "I'll sit with em today at lunch watch," Timothy Thaxton wrote.

Then Edwards saw a photo that warmed her heart — her brother seated at a school lunch table, surrounded by upperclassmen. 

"They simply saw my tweet and wanted to make a difference," Edwards told CBS News via direct message on Twitter. "They surprised him with a whole group of boys and now he has people to sit with at lunch."

Edwards, a student at Appalachian State University, said one of the students just happened to see her viral tweet. "I never thought it'd get so much attention," Edwards said.

The lunchroom kindness wasn't just a one-time thing — according to his sister, Wrenn has a newfound group of friends. 

"I didn't know the boys prior to this happening and neither did he! Now they all have my mother's phone number and we're all one big family," she told CBS News. "It really brought our community together."

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