After Holiday Sales Shopping

Christmas even doesn't mean the holiday shopping season is over. For many people, the day after Christmas is the time to start shopping. consumer reporter Kelli Grant offers some of the best post-holiday deals you shouldn't pass up.

Last minute travel is the first area you could find a good deal. People are burnt out from all their travel during the holidays. During the first two weeks of January, prices drop significantly on last-minute travel. So if you feel up to getting away, you can go just about anywhere for a fraction of the regular price.

If you received a gift card during the holiday season, the best time to use it is January. Coupled with the store sales that month to make room for spring merchandise, a $100 gift card could have an extra 25% to 50% more buying power. Using your gift card right away may also entitle you to discounts from the individual retailer or card issuer.

And with the new year around the corner, fierce competition among the Champagne houses brings the prices down. They know you'll be buying a bottle for New Year's, and want it to be their brand. You could save 25% on a good quality bottle. Now's the time to stock up.

Buyers and sellers alike thrive on eBay after the holidays. Sellers unload their dud gifts, while buyers hunt for the hoped-for gifts they didn't get. There are literally millions more listings on the site than during other points in the year. Competition increases and prices drop.

And lastly, it's a good time to look at electronics. Manufacturers time the release of their latest technology for the holiday rush. But prices don't necessarily drop on older models until after the holidays. Plus, new gadget announcements at major tech shows like MacWorld and the International Consumer Electronics Show send prices dropping even further.
by Jenn Eaker and Kelli Grant