After Britney Uproar, Car Safety Tips

Britney Spears has landed herself in the glare of the spotlight after being photographed driving an SUV with her baby in her lap.

But her actions have also turned attention back to the issue of car seats and how they can save children's lives.

Don Mays, the senior director of product safety for Consumer Reports, visited The Early Show with some important tips and reminders.

"What parents have to remember is the force of an impact during a crash is so severe that an adult doesn't have the strength to be able to restrain a child," Mays told co-anchor René Syler.

"Additionally, most cars now are equipped with air bags. The explosive force of an air bag is so strong that it can kill an infant instantly," he said.

A baby up to 22 pounds should be riding in an infant car seat in a rear-facing position in the back side of a car.

Even when the child graduates to a convertible seat, Mays says it is best to keep the seat in a rear-facing position.

"Ideally, you want to keep the child rear-facing for as long as possible because that's the safest position for children to ride in cars," he told Syler.

Crash tests show that in an accident at 30 miles per hour, a child who is not restrained in the back seat is in deadly danger.