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Afshan Azad Allegedly Threatened and Assaulted by Family, Say Reports

Afshan Azad (Personal Photo)
Afshan Azad (Personal Photo)

LONDON, England (CBS) The actress cast as Padma Patil in the blockbuster Harry Potter movie series has fled her home after her father and brother allegedly threatened to kill her, reports The Daily Mail.

Afshan Azad, who's 22,  is believed to be staying with friends in London.

According to the Daily Mail, Azad's 54-year-old father Abdul and 28-year-old brother Ashraf appeared at Manchester Magistrates' Court Tuesday. Ashraf is also accused of assaulting his sister, causing her bodily harm.

The pair was released on bail until July 12 when the court will reconvene for further proceedings.

An intriguing condition of their bale is that Abdul and Ashraf are not allowed to contact an unnamed man. They are not allowed to travel to London and must abide by a strict curfew, says the Daily Mail.

At the family's home in Longsight, Manchester, the brother spoke, but never really addressed the episode in question, according to the paper.

"We are going to get trouble from the community now. It is bad news for our safety, her safety."

Ashraf claims he fears for his brother who is going to "get harassed at college" and believes his sister's career will be tainted by the incident, says the Daily Mail.

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