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Affluent Kings Point, N.Y. plans to install extensive surveillance network

Affluent Kings Point, N.Y. plans to install extensive surveillance network
Surveillance Cameras Getty Images/ WCBS

(CBS/AP/WCBS) KINGS POINT, N.Y. - While most readers take away an anti-Big Brother message "1984," residents of Kings Point, N.Y. appear to be saying, "More, please!"

The affluent Long Island town is planning to install 44 security cameras that will screen every car entering and exiting the 3.3 square mile area in an attempt to crack down on property and home invasion crimes.

The security system will photograph each vehicle and run the license plate through criminal databases automatically notifying police if a match is found.

"It will alert us to suspended registrations, felonies, stolen cars, order of protection, sex offenders, things like that," Kings Point Police Commissioner Jack Miller said.

Kings Point, where the average house values over $2 million, has recently had a rash of burglaries, including one where a woman was robbed of her diamond ring in her own garage, reports CBS station WCBS.

Mayor Michael Kalnick told Newsday that the system is necessary to protect residents of the town, and residents say they agree.

"It doesn't bother me. I have nothing to hide," resident Nancy Roth said, reports WCBS.

Another resident, Nahal Zelouf, added, "I think it's an absolutely wonderful idea and they should [do it]."

Privacy advocates say they're less thrilled with the plan.

"Giving up our liberty and our privacy in the name of security doesn't always make us safer," said Samantha Fredrickson of the New York Civil Liberties Union.

Police said the project will cost $1 million and will be paid for over several years.

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