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Hilarious AeroMexico ad offers discount to American passengers who have Mexican DNA

AeroMexico's "DNA discount" commercial
AeroMexico tackles immigration debate with "DNA discount" commercial 04:02

AeroMexico launched a new commercial this month that tackles U.S.-Mexico tensions over the border wall with a humorous twist. In the ad, which has gone viral, Mexico's largest airline offers a unique discount to Americans reluctant about traveling to the country — it gave them DNA tests, and the more Mexican heritage they turn out to have, the more they save.

Filmed in Wharton, Texas, the commercial begins by asking several residents if they'd consider traveling to Mexico for vacation. All of them shut down the idea, many conveying dislike for their southern neighbor. 

"No way." 

"That's not my cup of tea."

"Let me stay here in peace and let those folks stay on their side of the border."

One man admits he likes tequila and burritos, but Mexico? "No!"

Citing statistics from the Department of Homeland Security, AeroMexico notes that Mexican migration into the U.S. goes way back in history, but the narrator says most Americans who have Mexican ancestry don't know it. 

To entice them to go to Mexico, AeroMexico offered a DNA test and an unexpected bargain: "The more Mexican they are, the more discount they get." 

The DNA test results are then revealed on camera and many of same people interviewed earlier express shock or confusion, while some break into a big smile. 

The ad, which was tweeted by advertising agency Oglivy last week, finishes with the slogan, "DNA discounts: There are no borders within us" –– an apparent dig at President Trump's pursuit of a border wall.

AeroMexico and Oglivy did not return CBS News' request for comment on the ad.

On social media, many praised the ad and commented on how funny it was. 

"Hilarious. High praise to the team which created this," one Twitter user wrote.

"When ads get it right! Kudos @ogilvy," said another.

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