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Advertisers to try face scan technology

Imagine walking into a supermarket and having a digital billboard or kiosk determine what you want to buy for dinner before you've decided for yourself. A new facial recognition technology can do just that.

Intel has developed new software that can instantly analyze a person's face to come up with their gender and age.

While facial recognition has been used by law enforcement to track criminals and has been used in cool, sci-fi movies like "Minority Report," advertisers are now buying into the idea of real-time demographic detection.

The billboard or kiosk can quickly analyze the facial features of the shopper then displays specific ads directed to them.

Even Kraft Foods and Adidas plan to experiment with facial recognition to push their products. So, the next time you go to the market, you may realize that your old faithful mac and cheese is really not for you. Or when looking to buy walking shoes, you may learn that you need to take it up a notch and buy running shoes instead. Yikes!

Would you follow your cravings or would you let the kiosk decide what's for dinner? CBS News National Correspondent Ben Tracy takes advertising to another dimension.

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