Adrenaline-Charged Links

From Base Jumping To Scuba Diving

The Web has hundreds, if not thousands, of sites devoted to adrenaline-producing pursuits such as BASE jumping and skydiving. Below are a few sites to help you get started on adventures of your own.

Adventure Living: This site is an excellent place to start learning more about all kinds of fun but potentially scary activities, including skydiving, scuba diving and whitewater rafting. You'll find lots of photos and videos, as well as glossaries.

United States Parachute Association: For those interested in exiting airplanes thousands of feet above the ground, this site includes a list of scheduled jumps all over the world, from Montana to Russia. The curious and fearful will find a lot of reassuring information on safety guidelines.

Yosemite National Park: This is the official site for the national park, visited by many people intent on having adventures of various sorts. Find out about the current weather, view photos and learn some unexpected facts. (For example, there are 247 different species of birds in the park.)

Banana George: George Blair, also known as "Banana George, exemplifies the spirit seen in 48 Hours' "On the Edge of Your Seat." Born in 1915, Blair still water-skis. He even does it barefoot and performs other tricks, like holding the rope with his teeth. This site tells his story.

Cyberspace Avalanche Center: Find out more here about avalanches, like the one that trapped Christian George during his snowmobiling trip (described on 48 Hours Adventures.)

The Bungee Zone: Another adventurous sport is bungee jumping. This site features numerous links as well as a discussion of the correct spelling of bungee: bungee or bungy? Learn more about the history of bungee jumping, around for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Written by David Kohn