Adorable video shows a game of "Hide and Seek" from a toddler's perspective

(CBS News) With the rise of Go Pro cameras and affordable head cams, the ability to show first-person perspective in amateur videos has never been so full of possibilities. We've shown you lots of extreme sports and even what dogs see from this perspective before here on The Feed. "But what about the children," you ask? "Won't somebody please think of the children!" Fine, done and done, Mrs. Lovejoy. Let's all watch a game of "Hide and Seek" from the eyes of a toddler.

The adorable and endearing video was posted by YouTube user wetwipey who writes:

My darling 2 year old wearing my head cam, and playing hide and seek

And now I'm so going to do this with my own kids.  I just need to get some kids first. And possibly a wife. But just as soon as I've got those two teensy, weensy things lined up, it's straight off to the store to buy a head cam and play some games after watching this video.  Simply way too cute!