Adorable Baby Gifts

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Lifestyle specialist Julie Edleman gives The Early Show some fun and unique twists on traditional baby gifts.

Deciding on the perfect baby gift can be a very personal and challenging experience. Here are a few tips that may make it a bit easier:

  • Select a gift that will work in any one's home like picture frames, piggy banks. bath accessories or hangers.
  • If baby's gender is unknown, choose gifts in neutral colors like green or yellow and items like bibs, blankets, pillows and plush toys.
  • If considering a more elaborate gift, give as a group gift.
  • When buying baby clothes, be sure to buy for 6-months and older since babies grow very quickly.
  • Make sure that there is nothing on any item that a baby can pick at or get tangled in. Check labels on any product a baby will come in contact with to be sure it's "baby safe" and meets all safety guidelines.

Here is a list of recommended baby products from Edelman:

Table Top Gifts

    There are all sorts of unique plays on traditional baby gifts such as picture frames, piggy banks, and even flowers.
  • Soft Photo Frames: From 3 Marthas, the "stuffed" and weighted pillow-like photo frames in toile or checked fabrics are a perfect accessory for the nursery. Small (approx. 5 1/2" X 4 1/2"), $12, Medium (approx. 5' X 6"), $16, Large (6" X 7 1/2"), $20.
  • Silver-plated Baby Banks packaged in solid colored silk drawstring bags with animal appliques. It is made from 3 Marthas, $38.
  • Baby Banks in hat boxes: These banks, made of quality silverplate, will make saving for junior fun. They are available in four styles -- elephant, pig, car and whale. The product is available at, $55.
  • Hangers: Small hangers are the perfect complement for baby's clothes. Excellent when used for special occasion outfits or everyday layette. They are available at, $26.
  • Flower Bouquet from Funny Friends: These costs about as much as a real bouquet but lasts a lot longer. Large Periwinkle Flower Pot for $24 holds up to a dozen individual flowers, each $8.95. Each colorful plush flower can be used as decorative elements by sculpting and twisting them around cribs, strollers, etc. Log onto for store locations. Also, available at

    Meal Time

    Bibs may sound too practical, but they can be a fun and a colorful gift. A huge variety of creative designs, as well as price points, are available for all tastes.

  • Bibs from 3 Marthas: The drooler bibs come in small and large sizes with Velcro closures. They are available in blue whales, green monkeys, or pink elephants from $13, $18, & $24; polka dot fabric, backed with white terry cloth for $8, $12, or $14; baby toile in pink, blue or green for $8, $12, or $14.
  • Elepahnt burp pad: From 3 Marthas, $13.
  • Classic Monogram Burp Cloths: Personalized gift with the babies initials. From, these come in a set of 2 for $30.
  • Enamelware: Great for mealtime or as a room accessory. Includes baby mug, bowl, plate and basin (sets contain 1 of each color -- pink, blue, yellow, green) from Sweet Tulip. Call 973-727-2818 or log on to for store location near you.
  • Bibs From Mimi the Sardine: The bids come in colorful and whimsical prints treated with an eco-friendly acrylic coating (on both sides) to make them permanently water and soil proof. Bibs, $13.50, comes with matching floor splash mats, $19.50.
  • Bottle Pets by Baby Dayz Co. from The bottles slip into soft fleecy animal-themed bottle wraps allowing for easy grip. Choose from animal characters including Zoe Bunny, Mookie Cow and Muddles Pig. It is machine washable and for 6 months and up, $16.95.
  • Animal Snackers Bowl & Eating Utensils: The product by Star sound-activated, $11.99. It will be available in September/October at Right Start stores.

    Bath Time

  • Safety Duck Tub: The White Hot safety bath tub is the inflatable, padded tub that makes tubs comfortable for babies and toddlers. It comes from Munchkin, $18.99.
  • Beatrix Potter Hat Box Set: The set includes baby wash, non-talc powder, baby cream, and Tom Kitten bath book. It is available at Crabtree & Evelyn, $42.
  • BeComing calming body wash, gentle shampoo, pure lotion and powder: A division of Avon that sells baby products and can be purchased individually or in gift sets. Products include a 'Baby All Clean" calming hair & body wash, $12, "Baby Dust" powder, $10, "Lullaby Baby" bath and massage oil, $12. Products can be purchased individually or in gift sets, such as the "Welcome Home" package for $15 or the "Happy Baby" bath bear with baby wash or bath bunny with lotion, $15. Consumers can call 1-866-I-BECOME or log on to
  • Ducky Towels Set from Pottery Barn Kids: Set includes washcloth, hand towel, and bath towel, $36 (personalized bath towel is additional).
  • Toilet training set: The three-in-one set designed by Phillipe Stark is available at Target stores, $14.99.
  • Baby scissor: Scissors are used to trim tiny nails and comes in an leather elephant case from City Cricket, $38. Go to for store locations.
  • Baby Robe and Booties Set: The set from in sage has a teddy-eared hood and plaid piping. Great way to bundle up the little ones after the bath, $54.
  • Touch of Love Baby Massage Snuggie: A soft cotton footed bodysuit with colorful icons clearly marking pressure points for massage. The unusual garment is designed to enhance parent-child bonding and promote overall health. It is available at, $34.

    Sleep/Dress Time

  • Classic Gingham Moses Basket: Blanket and pillow from, $210.
  • "Napping" door pillow: Costs $35, from
  • Blankets From Samii: These are sheep Blanket, $84, and matching Barnyard Pillow, $49, in soft fleece with animal appliques. They also come in other colors and animal motifs.
  • Puppy Bunting from Samii: Needs a hanger, $76.
  • Cap and Sweater: Hartstrings White Pumpkin Sweater, $35.99 and Orange Pumpkin Knit Cap, $12.99, are available at
  • Zutano Sweaters, $60, with matching Berets, $20.
  • Samii Barnyard Sweater-Duck, $56, with Barnyard Hat, $13.
  • The perfect little dozen: Baby socks are packaged in an egg carton and available in solids, stripes, or polka dots from, $33.

    Play Time

    Plush stuffed toys have always been a popular traditional gift for kids. Now there are numerous variations, beginning with the classic teddy bear.

  • Tennyson Teddy Bear: The bear comes with the book "97 Ways To Make A Baby Laugh," $32.
  • Barry the Bear Stuffed Chair: The furry furniture measures 21" X 21 ". Available at babystyle,com for $58
  • Patrick the Pup: Pup is the ultimate plush toy measuring 66 inches. It is available exclusively from FAO Schwarz, $299.
  • Sunflower Growth Chart in pink from Funny Friends: This amusing plush product, is not only decorative, but make sit fun to measure a child's growth, $44.95.
  • Nesting Bins: Whimsically painted wooden nesting bins come in sets of three by Tatutina, $85. The largest measures 14"X 7 1/2" X 12". Available at or 877-235-5254.

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(products can be ordered directly from site; otherwise look for store locations near you)