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Viral video shows jealous baby start to cry whenever her parents kiss

Most people aren’t huge fans of P.D.A., especially when the source of those public displays of affection is our parents. However, that unique mix of disgust and embarrassment is generally learned. In other words, most people aren’t mortified of P.D.A. as babies.

The baby girl in this viral video currently circulating on the web, however, is different.

“Our ‘always happy’ baby girl has a weakness,” her mother, Krissy Hanneken, explained in a now viral post on Facebook. “She gets very sad when her Daddy and Mommy kiss.” 

Alongside the video on YouTube, Baby Ella’s dad concurs, “She’s jealous for sure!”

Baby Ella is jealous of kissing! by Matt Hanneken on YouTube

In the video, Ella’s parents, Matt and Krissy, slowly move toward each other with their lips extended, making an exaggerated kissing noise as they do to alert the baby of what’s happening. When they finally separate, little Ella’s face is revealed between them looking less than pleased with what’s just occurred in front of her eyes. 

At first, she simply pouts, her bottom lip downturned and quivering as she looks at her mother and then at her father. Then, once she’s seemingly put the pieces together, the little girl breaks into a full-blown cry. And as if to further confirm the source of her tears, the little girl is only quieted when her parents then turn their attention to her and both kiss her on the cheek.

“We love you,” Matt tells the little girl as she sniffles and reaches toward him. Then, just when the baby girl appears content again, the process repeats. Little Ella is, of course, too young to speak for herself. But in a few years, she’ll likely respond, “If you really love me, you won’t make me watch this.”

At least, that’s what countless teenagers before her have said to their parents... which likely explains why Ella’s video has already garnered over 14 million views on Facebook. In her innocent, instinctual reaction to her parents’ P.D.A., little Ella is all of us.

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