Adorable: Baby boy laughs harder the more his twin sister cries

(CBS) - I detect a disturbance in the Force somewhere after watching this. The adorable, LOL video shows two twin babies having very different reactions to the same situation: the more one cries, the harder the other laughs.

The video was shot about a year and a half ago when both twins were only seven months old. Now, is it just me or is that a pretty evil laugh? I'm just saying, I would not be surprised to find out his name is Anakin...

Laughing babies have definitely been something of a trend of late with recent LOL and adorable laughing baby posts you can also watch HERE, HERE and HERE. And in a similar vein the other day, we had a baby appearing to be scared of his mommy's laugh (and I was, too) HERE.

This is one trend I'm definitely okay with and enjoying thoroughly - I hope you all do, too!

As a sidenote, we here at The Feed are big science nerds and have been doing some experiments with space and time. By clicking HERE you will be transported to a place of amazing blog posts and spectacular viral videos. When you finally finish you will find an hour or two has passed. Ta da!