Adios! Annie a "Big Brother" Housemate No More

Annie Whittington, the first evictee of Big Brother 12
Annie Whittington, a bartender from Tampa, Fla., was the first to get booted from the new season of "Big Brother."

Annie came into the game cunning, cleaver, and unsuspected, because she was the chosen saboteur of the Big Brother House.

As such, her goal was not to win the game whatsoever, but to make the other contestants' lives as difficult as possible. If she were to have made it to the halfway point of the show without getting caught, she would have been rewarded with a cash prize of $50,000.

But as the game played out, Annie wasn't so lucky. No one wants to be the first to go, but Annie told game host Julie Chen how happy she was to have had the experience.

Big Brother 12

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For Annie, the game might have ended abruptly, but she says she had a great time.

Coming in, Annie had some secrets of her own, like the girlfriend she has back home, but she managed to make some genuine connectionts to other players, such as Ragan and Brendan.

Since "Big Brother" has never had a saboteur player before, Annie's job made it hard for her to distinguish what she deemed appropriate playing behavior in the house. Though she tried the best she could not to be social, in the end she said she couldn't help it, it's just who she is.

Considering the short time that Annie was in the house, she did get to play some pranks on the others, like locking the supply closet, but in the end, she said she may have played too hard too early.

Check out what Annie had to say about her experience: