Additional life hacks to help simplify your life

(CBS News) The "Quick and Simple Life Hacks" series is one that we have loved and highlighted each and every time on The Feed with tips and tricks you can actually employ in your daily life. Why do I mention it? Because they have a brand-new one out to simplify your life even more!

This now marks the seventh video in the ongoing YouTube series from Household Hacker (click here to see our past write-ups). My favorite this time? Probably the air holes in the trash can, which is a problem your blogger here has encountered before, and that totally makes sense. 

Another helpful piece of work that has earned Household Hacker another big triple-rainbow salute of excellence from all of us here at The Feed! And if you'd like to learn some more amazing tips and tricks from Household Hacker, be sure to check out our previous posts on the series by clicking here or going to their YouTube page by clicking here.