Adding Pizzazz To Poker Night

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Poker night isn't just a "guys' night out" anymore. It seems everyone is learning how to play.

Poker also makes a great theme for a party, so Colleen Brewer, the home director at Shop Etc., visits The Saturday Early Show to share the following fun products in the latest "Easy Entertaining" idea.

Neiman Marcus Deluxe Poker Table
The table is portable and can seat up to 8 people. It costs $80 and can be found online at or 888-888-4757.

From the Web site: "Ante up, anywhere or any time, with this portable poker table. It sets up in seconds to give your next card game a genuine Las Vegas feel. It is 52 inches across with a chip and glass holders for eight players. It has a genuine felt surface just like the casinos. It has a dealer's choice diagram which ensures proper placement of the card."

Kem Playing Cards
Two decks are $32.50. They can be found online at or 800-230-4354.

The Web site says: "100 percent Plastic Kem Cards are widely regarded as the world's finest playing card. Kem cards are made entirely of cellulose acetate material, the most durable plastic used today in playing card production. These cards are scuff and break resistant and completely washable. You can choose from over two dozen Kem playing card designs and many number options, including regular and large-size numbers. Kem cards often last a lifetime, so you can save hundreds of dollars with them, depending on how much you play (paper playing cards need to be replaced frequently and cost a few dollars per deck). 100 percent cellulose acetate plastic, your Kem cards will remain attractive and flexible through the most rigorous of use. Your satisfaction is guaranteed."

Excalibur Wooden Pro Shuffle
It costs 29.95 and can be purchased online or 305-477-8080.

From the Web site: "No more of those repeat hands from the previous game. Just cut the deck and get a fast and thorough shuffle!

"The shuffler has real, attractive wood panels. It works with any standard deck of cards. It includes card return tray. You just push button for a quick and thorough shuffle. And it has a sturdy, metal base."

The Poker Chip Company Casino Quality Clay Chips
It costs $55 for 100 monogrammed chips. The chips can be purchased on line at or -800-722-8742.

From the Web site: "The Poker Chip Company is specialized in customizing poker chips to individual ideas or requirements -may it be for a gift or special occasion, weddings, weekly friendly poker games or for the serious player they do it all."

The chips are actually casino style so they are made of clay and have the proper weight. The chips are nicer then plastic chips because they have a fine texture, sound like casino chips, and they stack nicely.

The Poker Chip Company 200-Chip Carousel
It costs $48.50 for a 200-chip carousel and $68.50 for a 300-chip carousel. It can be purchased on line at or 800-722-8742.

The web site offers tips on how many chips are needed for games.
3-4 People Playing it recommends 300+ Chips
5-6 People Playing it recommends 400+ Chips
7-8 People Playing it recommends 500+ Chips
9+ People Playing it recommends 1000+ Chips.
I think it would be fun to show how the carousel spins

Dealer Visor By Pachi Paradice
It costs $2.99 and can be found on the Web at or 877-219-9492.

From the Web site: "It adds that extra touch to your poker night with this tinted green, plastic-billed visor. Has an elastic stretch band for different head sizes."

Also for your poker night, Colleen Brewer offers the following suggestions to accessorise your table, such as invitations, glasses, coasters, and napkins.

Papivore Aces Cards
Aces Box Set by Papivore, $24 for box of 4, 212-334-4330 or

Kate Spade Lead Crystal Coasters
They cost 40$ for a set of 4. They are available at Bloomingdale's or at

From the Web site: "Our full lead crystal coasters come as a set of 4 featuring one of each suit. Imported. Item comes pre-boxed."

Kate Spade Lead Crystal Double Old-Fashioned Glasses
A set of 4 costs $100. They are available at Bloomingdale's or at

From the Web site: "They are made from full lead crystal and are packaged as a set of 4, one of each suit. Imported. Item comes pre-boxed."

Plum Party Cocktail Napkins
They can be purchased from Plum Party at 800-227-0314 or go to They napkins are $4 for a set of 16.

From the Web site: "Featuring red dice, neon stars and dollar signs up in lights, this set is a lucky gamble for your next poker party or Casino Night. 5 inches by 5 inches."