Adam Lambert, The "Almost Idol"

Adam Lambert, the runner-up of "American Idol" appeared on The Early Show to talk about his finish and what's next in his music career.
Being number two is still sweet for Adam Lambert, who was voted the runner-up on this year's installment of "American Idol."

Lambert talked about his surprising finish on the show that left even Simon Cowell -- who predicted he would win -- stunned.

"...It was down to two people," Lambert told Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez. "It was going to be a close race. ...It just worked out that way."

Lambert said Kris Allen, who won the competition, earned the top honor.

"Kris is a very talented guy and very deserving of the title," he said.

Rodriguez asked Lambert if he had a theory on why he didn't win. Lambert said he didn't know, but when Rodriguez asked if he thought about changing to becoming more mainstream to perhaps reach more people he may have not struck a chord with, he said he didn't plan to change.

"I like to stick to my guns," he said.

Lambert said one of the best experiences on "Idol" was performing with the rock band Kiss.

"I had so much fun. They were really cool guys," he said. "The minute they came down in their full makeup, it was on. I was like, 'Alright, let's party!" '

Lambert hopes the party will continue with a new album he said will be "a little bit of everything": glam, rock, pop, electro, and funk.

Lambert said he will also tkae part in this summer's "American Idol" tour.