Adam Arkin Debuts In Screamer

Twenty years after the first Halloween movie, its creators are rolling out another sequel to the fright film. Actor Adam Arkin stars in the latest screamer, Halloween H20, as the boyfriend of Jamie Lee Curtis, who is still terrorized by the evil character, Michael Myers. CBS 'This Morning' Contributor Eleanor Mondale reports.

Arkin said the new Halloween is the perfect date movie.

"People are so scared that they stop paying attention to what's going on around them, if you know what I mean," Arkin said slyly, demonstrating the classic "protective arm around the date" move.

Arkin said that when he was first approached to do the movie, he was impressed by the script.

"That's where it starts really, is you read these things and hope they're gong to be good. And I just found myself involved in this story immediately," Arkin said.

However, Arkin admitted that the script wasn't all that allured him to the film - the leading lady clinched his decision.

"Making out with Jamie Lee Curtis was a definite perk, I have to say that," Arkin noted. "But I tried not to let that sway all my other critical faculties."

Arkin plays a school guidance counselor who becomes caught up in her secret past, and terrifying future.

Arkin may be best known for his most recent role as a surgeon on the CBS television drama, Chicago Hope.

The actor joked that his television work is very closely related to his portrayal in the Halloween film.

"I only do things that involve blood," Arkin said. "My next project is about meat inspectors."

Although this is Arkin's first scary movie, he said he received some helpful advice from "old pro" Curtis. She told him it would be difficult to get his "motivation" from the dialogue, and suggested that he start hyperventilating as soon as he woke up in the morning to prepare for acting terrified.